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New App!  Code: STD8

In continued partnership with our transportation providers, YES Prep is launching FirstView®, a bus tracking and parent communications app for your smartphone or desktop.

· Live Tracking

The FirstView® map screen shows you the live location and direction of your student’s bus, your student's stop schedule for the current day and timestamps for school arrivals and departures. You’ll know when the bus gets to school in the morning and leaves in the afternoon!

· Predictive Stop Arrival Times

Analyzing route and real-time GPS data, it determines an estimated time of arrival to your stop provided on the FirstView® map.

· Custom Alerts and Messages

Set up push or email notifications alerting you when your student's bus is a chosen distance or number of minutes away from your stop.

· Multi-Stop View

Buses for all your students can be tracked with FirstView®. Using individual colors for each student, every selected stop appears on the map simultaneously for easy viewing.

· Additional User Notifications

Connect up to three additional email accounts to receive email alerts. This is a great feature for grandparents or caregivers!

· Available in French & Spanish

· Secure and Easy Access

School-Sponsored Transportation  

Students are expected to arrange for their own transportation, unless provided for by the school via a bus or YES Prep rented vehicle.  

Free transportation at YES Prep is a privilege and not a right. It is important for all bus riders to accept and acknowledge that this privilege will only be continued if their behavior on the school bus is reasonable and safe. Students who choose to engage in unacceptable behaviors on a school bus create a risk for themselves as well as other students, the bus driver, the motoring public, and pedestrians.  

Students should be aware that all the rules contained in the Student Handbook are applicable to their conduct while riding school-provided transportation. When the term “on school property” is used in the Code of Conduct it includes school transportation. Any violation of the expectations may result in disciplinary action as well as loss of the privilege of being able to use the school bus.  

Carpool and Driving to School  

Any legal guardian dropping or picking up a student must adhere to all YES Prep North Forest traffic guidelines  

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the police being called for assistance. Any traffic violations are subject to police investigation. The individual responsible for any damage caused to school property or other vehicles on campus property will be responsible for their actions.  

Student Drivers

Any student driving to school must adhere to all campus traffic guidelines and be cleared by campus administration to be able to park on campus. To be cleared, the student must have written permission (in the form of a pass, permit, or letter) by the Front Office to park on campus. To obtain clearance to park on campus the student must bring the following: valid Texas driver’s license, valid vehicle registration, and proof of valid vehicle insurance accepted in Texas.  

Campuses are limited in the amount of space available to allow student drivers to park in campus parking lots. Students who provide required documentation to park on campus will only be granted a parking spot and/or permit if space is available and if they meet all other requirements as outlined by the campus. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.  

Students that do not adhere to campus driving policies will be subject to disciplinary actions such as but not limited to losing their driving privileges.