At YES Prep North Forest, after school activities are a key component of our programming. After-school programming includes, but is not limited to, Bid Trips, Tutorials, School-Wide Activities, and Detention.
Any time that there is a school activity such as tutorials, a club, a bid trip, parents will always receive written notification for the activity. Once a schedule is finalized for such activities, they will run aligned with our new schedule Distant Learning Labs.
All After-school activities will be virtual and /or kits for the 20-21 school year.
If there are evening performances, dances, or celebrations, student must leave campus and return for the event. YES Prep North Forest will not provide a holding room or space for students to stay after school.

Students who are participating in after-school programming and events are still held accountable to the YES Prep Public Schools Code of Conduct and YES Prep North Forest behavior expectations.


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