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3/10 - No School (Staff Development Day)
3/13-3/17 - Spring Break! (No School)

Temporary ID's are $1 or After School Detention
Replacement ID's are $5 (pouch & lanyard included)

Updated Student Restroom Expectations

Over the past few weeks, we've seen an increase in students incidents occurring in the restroom. As a result, we are limiting student restroom access during instructional time. Restrooms will be open during a 45 minute window each class period and during lunch periods. Restrooms will be closed during the first 45 minutes of each class period, allowing teachers to set class expecations and students to engage fully in their entrance assignments.  We believe that this updated protocol will protect instructional time and assist with keeping our restrooms clean and safe. 

Please read the FRC Parent Notification Letter:

 FRC Parent Notification Letter and SRC Parent Notification Letter


Junior Spring Trip

All local and regional students are traveling Week 1. Some national trips are traveling Week 2.  

Week 1: March 22-24 (national leaves Mar 21)

Week 2: March 28-31 

Students traveling to local JST need to bring their permission slip and $50 by Thursday March 9th. Please talk to Ms. Zumaya if this will be a barrier to attending the trip. 

Senior Parent Meeting Tuesday, March 18th: Discuss end of year senior events and activities.


Seniors will be hosting a Senior Car Wash during Upper Deck advisory (11:45AM - 12:15PM) from March 20th through March 31st. 

This event is to collect donations that will be used towards our senior experience and activities. If you would like to participate click the link https://calendly.com/ypnflegendambassadors/senior-car-wash?month=2023-03. We are excited to be conducting this fundraiser, and here are the following services that we will provide:

Regular (Wash + tires)
Car: $10.00
SUV/Truck: $15.00

Ultimate (Wash, tires, vacuum + FREE scent spray of choice)

Car: $18.00
SUV/Truck: $23.00

If you wish to book a car wash with us, we are ONLY accepting cash payments. 

Please contact the 12th grade GLC's, Ms. Ingram and/or Mr. Viera, to pay for the service.

We hope you take part of this event, we can't wait to see you there.

Thank you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the officers of the YPNF Legend Ambassadors:


8th Mandatory Parent Meeting in March  23rd 5:00-5:30

To track your student's bus and to get updates on arrival times, download the FirstView® app. (School code: UKF3) If the FirstView® app is not working and you cannot see the ETA of the bus to your stop, please call the bus yard that corresponds to your campus, and the dispatcher will be able to give you information about your route. 

North Forest Secondary: First Student - Eastex Yard, 832-626-4829


North Forest Routes 3/6/23.pdf


Teacher Update:

We are reaching out with an important update regarding staffing at YES Prep North Forest. On Friday, March 3rd, one of our English 1 teachers, Rhonda Jenkins, resigned from our campus. We are actively seeking a permanent teacher to fulfill that role.

As we prepare for the English I STAAR exam, your child's class already has focused lessons prepared for after they return from Spring Break. These lessons are directly connected standards they need to master to succeed on that exam. Additionally, they will receive in class supports from leaders on campus who have proven success for their students on STAAR exams.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me: Michelle.Nealy@yesprep.org 


Make ups for Common Assessments will happen after the break and 8th/9th-grade TELPAS is also happening!

We are excited to invite you to participate in our family fair. We will be promoting both black owned businesses and female owned businesses in our North Forest community. Whether you would like to participate as a vendor or stop by and explore what North Forest has to offer, please fill out the form below. For questions reach out to Ms. Rosie Cerda, ACE coordinator at rosario.cerda@yesprep.org

Click here to register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevQDjYH6vGQLSv7JW5a2xWo-r4C1SMO_-AokA2UB8uRrYehA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Common Assessments are this week!

Ensure your students are prepared for the BIG exams!


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