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1/16 - No School (Martin Luther King Jr Day)


Today’s the day! Our student lottery applications are officially open for grades pre-K through 12th.

Applying now until February 13, 2023, gives your child the best chance to attend YES Prep.

Are you ready to say YES? Apply at yesprep.org


Mandatory Junior Spring Trip Parent Meeting on 1/24 for 11th grade parents at 5:30p in the Cafeteria!

More info to come...

NG Coding on Report Cards for 18+ Unexcused Absences 


On report cards of students in grades 9-12 on Jan. 6, there may be a new notation "NG" that hides a student's grade due to having 18 or more unexcused absences in that course.   Students who receive NG grades may not be failing the course; instead, they failed to meet expanded state attendance requirements, so they will not receive a grade until that course is recovered.  HB 5, an updated regulation passed by the Texas Legislature, outlines standards for promotion and graduation to include attendance. 


The school considers students who miss more than 10% of class time as "excessive, unexcused absences" by the school. Although YES Prep will assign and record grades, they will not be awarded to students who have excessive absences until the student recovers the missing seat time. 


The student may correct this issue by repeating the course, attending credit recovery, or completing attendance recovery.  The campus attendance committee can also be contacted in cases where extenuating circumstances exist.  More information on enrolling in credit recovery or attendance recovery will be released in February. If parents or guardians have any questions regarding attendance recovery in the Spring, they may contact the campus Director of Student Support (DSS).  


For more on HB 5, go to https://tea.texas.gov/academics/graduation-information/house-bill-5-foundation-high-school-program


En las boletas de calificaciones de los estudiantes en los grados 9-12 el 6 de enero, puede haber una nueva anotación "NG" que oculte la calificación de un estudiante debido a que tiene 18 o más ausencias injustificadas en ese curso. Los estudiantes que reciben calificaciones NG no pueden estar reprobando el curso; En cambio, no cumplieron con los requisitos de asistencia estatal ampliada, por lo que no recibirán una calificación hasta que se recupere ese curso. HB 5, una regulación actualizada aprobada por la Legislatura de Texas, describe los estándares para la promoción y graduación para incluir la asistencia. 


La escuela considera a los estudiantes que pierden más del 10% del tiempo de clase como "ausencias excesivas e injustificadas" por parte de la escuela. Aunque YES Prep asignará y registrará calificaciones, no se otorgarán a los estudiantes que tengan ausencias excesivas hasta que el estudiante recupere el tiempo que no asistió. 


El estudiante puede corregir este problema repitiendo el curso, asistiendo a la recuperación de créditos o completando la recuperación de asistencia. También se puede contactar con el comité de asistencia del campus en los casos en que existan circunstancias atenuantes. Más información sobre cómo inscribirse en la recuperación de crédito o la recuperación de asistencia se dará a conocer en febrero. Si los padres o tutores tienen alguna pregunta sobre la recuperación de la asistencia en la primavera, pueden comunicarse con el Director de Apoyo Estudiantil (DSS) del campus.  


Para obtener más información sobre HB 5, vaya a https://tea.texas.gov/academics/graduation-information/house-bill-5-foundation-high-school-program

Principal Announcements

On days when the temperature is below 50 degrees, we will allow students to enter the building at 7:30 am.

Students should not bring blankets to school. We do have sweaters available for sale.

With the holidays approaching, please be advised that families are not allowed to drop off food for students or classes.

We hosted our annual Title I Meeting this week. If you were unable to attend, you can access the PowerPoint slides here: Title 1 Meeting

To track your student's bus and to get updates on arrival times, download the FirstView® app. (School code: UKF3) If the FirstView® app is not working and you cannot see the ETA of the bus to your stop, please call the bus yard that corresponds to your campus, and the dispatcher will be able to give you information about your route. 

North Forest Secondary: First Student - Eastex Yard, 832-626-4829


YPNF Routes 10/20


Lady Legends (Varsity Team):

Jan 17 06:15 PM VS YP Northline YPNF Gym
Jan 24 05:00 PM @ YP North Central YP North Central Performance Gymnasium
Jan 27 06:15 PM VS YP Northwest YPNF Gym
Jan 31 05:00 PM VS YP White Oak YPNF Gym

Lady Legends (Junior Varsity Team):

Jan 17 05:00 PM @ YP Fifth Ward YP Fifth Ward Gym
Jan 20 05:00 PM VS YP Southside YPNF Gym
Jan 24 05:00 PM @ YP Northline YP Northline

Varsity Boys Team:

Jan 17 07:30 PM VS YP Northline YPNF Gym
Jan 24 06:15 PM @ YP North Central YP North Central Performance Gymnasium
Jan 27 07:30 PM VS YP Northwest YPNF Gym
Jan 31 06:15 PM VS YP White Oak YPNF Gym

Junior Varsity Boys Team:

Jan 17 05:00 PM @ YP Fifth Ward YP Fifth Ward Gym
Jan 20 05:00 PM VS YP Southside YPNF Gym
Jan 24 05:00 PM @ YP Northline YP Northline

Each week, teachers are required to enter and update grades in the Skyward gradebook. If you have any questions about your student's grades (including missing information or updates), please reach out directly to their teacher through email. 

The following quizzes/exams will be administered on campus this week: 




Check out what happened on campus this week!

Shout out to our 7th grade basketball boys for helping our little legends (Sparks) next door at North Forest Elementary in growing out their garden for the community 🌱


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